Author: Ben Harack

A key battle for Net Neutrality

ISPs may gain unprecedented control over what people can see, hear, and say.

West-facing solar panel post covered by The New York Times

I co-authored a blog post for the Opower blog entitled: 9% of solar homes are doing something utilities love. Will others follow? The study was published today and was also covered today in some detail in the piece: Why More

Design Regina Contribution

Design Regina is a thorough public consultation being conducted by the City of Regina in order to develop an official Community Plan. Recently, draft documents were posted which elucidated some priorities and goals which have been identified during the process

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Confusing generalizability with truth

If you find that you are able to explain any experience using your theory, you might become convinced that it must, therefore, be universally true. If you can explain anything, then what do you actually know? How can you discern between fact and fiction? If you can explain anything, how can you tell if I deliberately tell you wrong things

The Wheel of Time, finally done

As of this last weekend, I finally finished The Wheel of Time series. I began reading the books around 1995, so this chapter of my life was roughly 18 years long. I feel different being done. In some sense, I

Fictional Character Power Scale

Ever wondered who would win if Batman and Luke Skywalker got in a fight? How about Aragorn and Captain Jack Sparrow? If you have really immersed yourself in fiction, you might even have had conversations with friends about whether Ryu

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How does insight work?

On my birthday in the year 2011, I came up with the idea of asking my friends to participate in what I called “Ben’s Birthday Insight Project“. The idea was what we should all allocate some minimal amount of time,

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Physics research

From Jan 2011 to Dec 2012, I was a Master’s student at the McGill Department of Physics. The two years I spent at McGill were nothing short of amazing. In addition to a lot of practical learning and fun, I

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Morph My City Competition

In 2012, the city of Regina announced a competition, which they called the Morph My City Challenge. Of the two sub-challenges, one involved the design of a new neighbourhood on the fringe of the city, and the other involved the

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