Design Regina Contribution

Design Regina is a thorough public consultation being conducted by the City of Regina in order to develop an official Community Plan. Recently, draft documents were posted which elucidated some priorities and goals which have been identified during the process so far.

The announcement page invited commentary from the public, so I teamed up with Steven Kuski and Kyle Laskowski to produce a set of responses to the draft goals (also available in pdf). While we agreed with much of the content of the existing goals, we felt that there were areas in which they could be expanded and elaborated.

Doing this work required me to look again at a lot of the research we had conducted during the Morph My City competition. I am very pleased with how diligent we were and the quality of work we produced. Hopefully we will continue to find ways to contribute to the ongoing discussion about Regina’s future. If any readers have ideas about how we might do so, I invite you to contact us about them.

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